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Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Play guitar? Did you use to have piano lessons when you were younger and are wondering how to get back to playing? Do you need to organise music lessons for your children but aren’t sure how to find qualified, vetted teachers?

We are an established, enthusiastic and supportive music tuition agency based in Kensington and Chelsea, covering West London. We provide personalised one on one music tuition in your own home at a time to suit you, teaching for schools and in workplaces. Our teachers are hand-picked, professional musicians who are passionate about their music and bring that passion, with warmth and encouragement into their teaching. So whatever your age, level or experience, you are welcome to join the Artpeggios family!



First choose your instrument

Piano, guitar, singing, bass guitar, saxophone, violin, flute - we have teachers in all these disciplines and more. You don’t have a piano or guitar at home? No problem! We can rent you an instrument to try before you buy one of your own. We can also help you with independent advice on where and what to buy, if you wish.

How many lessons?

To begin with, we suggest you buy two lessons to see if you (or your child) are happy with the instrument and the teacher. After that discounts are available for packs of 10 lessons or 30 lessons - for more info head to Our Prices.

How we teach

We passionately believe that the best way to learn is to enjoy your lessons, so we work with you to outline your goals and aspirations. Do you want to learn to play a particular piece? Or do you want to improve your technique? Or do you just generally want to have a go at playing an instrument you’ve never tried before? Are you keen on achieving a level of excellence and are prepared to put in the practice? Great! Or not? No problem. Learning to play comes with many other benefits to focus, relaxation and a reduction in stress levels, so that’s okay too. Your first lesson will be all about finding out about you and what you want to achieve.

We teach you in your own home

We think that’s the most convenient and least intimidating place to start learning - both for adults and children. With focussed one on one attention, students progress more fluidly at their own pace and lessons can be individually tailored to suit them.

We teach 7 days a week so we can fit around your schedule. We also have student’s concerts and jam sessions so more advanced students can practice their performance skills. It also helps students to focus on learning a piece and is an important part of their musical journey.

For adults, once you are ready, your teacher will invite you to jam sessions so you can get the hang of playing with others.





"Artpeggios is the type of personalised tuition you want to have! My son has been playing the guitar since he was able to hold it - he is now 10 and loving it! There has been great continuity in the teaching method and lots of patience from his teacher, who for the past 6 years has shown lots of enthusiasm and love for the music, choosing the right songs for my son's age and development. I would recommend Artpeggios to anyone who is passionate about music. They organise gigs for all the students which are very special! Very flexible with times and 'make up' lessons! Superb!!!" - Carolina C, parent


 Teaching Children

Young children:

We teach children from the age of 5 upwards. Our teachers are experienced with very young children. At the early stages, it’s all about fun. The aim is to get them to enjoy the sound of their instrument and their ability to make that sound. Teachers will try to work on their sense of rhythm, their awareness of pitch, volume and tempo using games and exercises. They will also start to learn the basics of technique - a proper position - and begin to develop strength and flexibility in their fingers. Studies have shown that learning an instrument accelerates brain development, especially in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills, it improves mathematical learning, socio-emotional and motor development and memory.

This is an impressive list of benefits, but our aim is to ignite a passion by introducing them to music in a fun and interactive way, by engaging them on their level.

Older children:

Teenagers have a lot of demands on their time so it is very important to identify what they want to achieve. Your teenagers may want to advance quickly through the grades. Our teachers can prepare them for ABRSM, Trinity and Rockschool exams. Or they may want to play in an orchestra or with a band. Again, our teachers can help them develop the skills they need to do that.

This may involve:

  • reading music, including chord charts

  • good technique

  • versatility - a classical training helps with this

  • building a repertoire

  • improving musical stamina with strength and flexibility exercises

And we have regular students concerts where the kids can practice their performance skills and enjoy playing music together.

They may have been playing for some time and are interested in learning musical composition. Again our teachers are experienced in this aspect of music. Or they may be fans of a particular artist and want to learn a particular song.

At the same time the teacher’s job is to gently expand their experience of types of music, genres and artists and expose them to music they may be unfamiliar with.

Not all children are gifted in music but all children can benefit from it. Kids have busy lives - exams, sport, social engagements. Music is a route to relaxation and provides a lifelong refuge from everyday stress, a way to disengage from the hubbub, change your mood, recharge.

Teaching adults

We know - you’re busy. You may want to do something just for you. You may feel you’ve “missed the boat” by not having started your musical education as a child. But that thinking has changed in the last two decades. Many studies show it’s never too late to start learning an instrument or to pick up from where you left off. The benefits are myriad and a short internet search will pull up any number of studies which show cognitive and mood improvement in adult music learners as well as stress reduction, social benefits and the chance to discover a new passion. In recent years there has been a significant increase in post-retirement new learners.

So if you’ve always loved the sound of the cello but never thought you could play one, why not have a go? You may want to learn a piece in its entirety, or just play an instrument for relaxation. Our teachers teach all ages and all levels. Just give us a call and we’ll talk through what you’d like to do.

 Teaching in Schools

We provide fully vetted, experienced teachers who can take music classes in schools, preparing groups of children for concert performances. Does your school wish to put on an end of term concert? We can help. Please contact us for details and prices.


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