"Benjamin is a great teacher, I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn the guitar, at any level of proficiency. He has been teaching me and my daughters for several years; he makes learning a genuinely fun experience by tailoring the courses to what you like and want to play." - Pierre M, parent & student

"I have been taking singing lessons with Jana Vargová for two years and it is always a pleasure to see her.  Jana makes singing very accessible.  I know that I should practice more but she makes that point gently without any pressure and let's me take things at my pace.  She explains things clearly which is not obvious with singing which is both physical and psychological.    She suggests relaxing exercises that make me laugh, so they must work.  When I am frustrated with a note she gently coaches me through it.  Through working on relaxation and breathing, I have improved, to produce a better sound while having fun." - Carole B, student

"Maxime started playing guitar with Benjamin at Artpeggios 4 years ago. We never had to encourage him, Maxime very much looks forward to his weekly lesson. Benjamin's dedication, patience and enthusiasm make the lessons relaxed and encouraging, and Maxime's progress has been constant. Looking forward to another year of great music for my teenage son!" - Sophie D, parent

"Alessio Meloni is a great teacher who has taught my daughter for over a year. He really focuses on technique, always listening to his pupil's aim, pushing them hard to improve their singing and helping them gain confidence." Stephanie R, parent

"Alessio has been teaching our son for a year. He is a very enthusiastic drums teacher! Always on time and smiling, deeply committed, Alessio is very good at transmitting both his passion for music and his high technical skill. He is eager to push his pupils towards their best and encourages them to perform in public. Our son has made huge improvements thanks to Alessio. He is a fantastic teacher and we highly recommend him!" - Caroline and Etienne B, parents

"Benjamin is a patient teacher with a wide repertoire of styles. He balances the technical with an open-mindedness that makes a musical journey with him highly enjoyable and engaging." - Jamie H, student

"En paraphrasant Daniel Pennac, dans son essai Comme un Roman, ce professeur-là n'inculque pas un savoir, il offre ce qu'il sait. Benjamin est un passionné de musique et d'enseignement. Il explore la musique sous toutes ses coutures, du classique au jazz, de l'étude théorique à la scène. Et son savoir, il le transmet avec générosité à ses éléves.

Cetter générosité est communicative. L'apprentissage de la musique nécessite une application et une audace que Benjamin sait renforcer chez ses élèves. Ils travaillent ainsi généreusement pour atteindre des buts que Benjamin sait personnaliser pour chacun d'entre eux, en fonction de leurs goûts et rythmes d'apprentissage. C'est naturellement qu'ils parviennent ensuite à jouer en public, seuls ou avec d'autres musiciens, les morceaux de musique qu'ils on travaillés avec lui." - Pascal D, parent

"I started taking guitar lessons with Benjamin Gasiglia about 2 years ago after a gap of over 20 years - I basically had to start from scratch again. His love of jazz and samba is infectious, and his patience and calm teaching manner made each lesson very productive. I am now able to thoroughly enjoy myself playing classical and jazz pieces, as well as to play chords while singing French songs. I still have lots to learn though, whether about rhythm or music theory, so I look forward to each new lesson with great anticipation. Definitely one of the highlights of my week!" Aude G, student

"Jana Vargová is a very inspiring and talented singer and teacher. She is charismatic and very passionate about her job, and easily relays her enthusiasm to her students. My daughter always looks forward to singing and exploring new types of music with her!" - Pamela A, parent

"I met Benjamin while preparing a song for a friend's birthday party concert. He was the guitarist supporting my act. I have been a keen singer, classical and pop, for 30 years. But I am no musician. Benjamin understood my limitations and managed to get us ready for the performance in an effortless and natural way. He would play magically around my very approximate sense of rhythm and adapt the tune to my style and voice. A delight.

While preparing I was so impressed by Benjain's natural aptitude for playing anything on the spot in a huge range of styles. I ended up singing far more tunes than the one we were preparing for the concert. I asked quite bluntly if learning the guitar was tough. I got this reassuring, instant answer: "not at all, it's easy, I'll make it super easy if that's what you'd like." And here I go and embark at the age of 51 into learning a musical instrument...

Benjamin told the truth. He makes the process "super easy", almost effortless. We meet twice a week. At each lesson he manages to push me just a bit further in the learning curve, cautious not to create any frustration, mental or physical. Under his coaching I am increasing my hand flexibility, very gently but consistently. He's teaching me notes and chords, of course, but we also play classical or modern pieces together. He is forgiving in general, making the lesson pleasant, but imposes a few 'non-negotiables' to prevent the development of any bad habits.

The best part of the lesson comes as a reward. I am asking to play songs I love. If those songs are manageable with my current experience, Benjamin prepares a score before each session and we work on that, after the serious stuff. This is very exciting, as it is to work with an inspiring musician. Benjamin makes himself available by e-mail, text or phone. One can ask questions or get extra tips until the next booked lesson. He is always on time and super flexible with schedule changes." - Benoit S, student